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March 27 - 29, 2017

Las Vegas Convention Center

Exhibit Hall Dates: March 28 - 29

Show Policies

You must be 21 years of age to register and attend all show events. All attendees must have valid identification. I.D. will be checked and must match name on badge for admittance to all show and sponsored events.

The attendees must agree to practice responsible consumption of alcohol. Anyone who over-consumes or appears to over-consume alcohol will be ejected from all show activities without refund. Registering for Nightclub & Bar Show implies consent to use your image in future promotional materials and media coverage. Conference organizers reserve the right to change or cancel any portion of the program without prior notice.

Dress for exhibit hall and educational sessions is professional/casual business attire. Attendees should avoid wearing any clothing that may be interpreted as promiscuous, provocative or overly suggestive. Show management reserves the right to deem any attire inappropriate and therefore not allow admission to any events affiliated with the show. For PM, fashionable dress code enforced.